„Leader- Personality“:
A journey through Leader Personality – experiencing and recognizing oneself

The workshop aims at experiencing, recognizing and appreciating one´s own personality in various settings, leadership roles and challenges. Behavioral patterns and repertoires will be significantly extended. The didactical formats are intense in practical experience, activating physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, social and creative competencies.

The content is linked to history of mankind and the interpretation of leadership at various stages of cultural development. We also address the specific challenges of leadership in our current and future complex and dynamic world.

Timing remains flexible: 1x 7 days, 3x3 days or 2y 4 days.

The content could also be integrated in a customer specific design of a leadership curriculum.

The focus of content as example in a 7 days setting (plus 2 days refresher and transfer)

1. Day
Leading for survival, crisis management; leading as chief / ringleader

2. Day
Leading for integration, emotional leadership; leading by “Charisma”

3. Day
Directive Leadership, Leading by power

4. Day
Administrative Leadership, leading by structure, law and order

5. Day
Motivation for performance, leading by cooperation

6. Day
Performance and motivation by consensus; Leading by participation

7. Day
Leading in the context of complexity and dynamics; leading by differentiation and integration

8. Day
Value based leadership in the context of globalization, ethics of leadership

9. Day
Spirituality in day to day business: performance intelligence, creative responsibility, wisdom.