Our “Leadership Development Program” (LDP)

The Leadership Development Program can be designed as in-house or open seminars and workshops.

The program is kept variable in content, time and structure. It can be customized according to needs, budgets and organizational issues. The standard would be 2 workshops per annum of 3 to 4 days.

A prototypical program follows the structure below, gives a blend of lectures, exercises, role plays, individual and group work, questionnaires, reflection, practical settings of problem solving and decision making. The focus is on interactive work, practical experience and reflection. Creative work, body work, mental training and individual coaching can be integrated.


In depth understanding one´s personality and behavioral patterns

Understanding the interrelationship of “Body-Mind-Soul” for performance and health (Body-Mind-Connection)

Understanding and competencies in emotional control and stress prevention


Understanding why and how human communication works

Understanding and training of techniques in effective communication

Applying techniques of communication in the context of negotiation and conflict management


Understanding how teams function as a “social system”

Understanding the critical success factors for top performance

Developing a team structure and culture for sustained performance


Understanding the critical success factors in managing change

Understanding and competencies in effective decision making techniques/p>

Leading a “social system” in the context of dynamics and complexity